Erotic professional massage center in Málaga

Masajes Lingam, Express, Prostático, Body to Body, four hands…


(Masseur dressed / can not interact with the masseuse)

20 minutes – 35

An ideal massage for people who have little time who want to experience a small nuance of what our masseuses can offer.


 (topless masseuse / can not interact with the masseuse)

30 minutes- 55€

45 minutes- 65€

60 minutes- 75€

This massage is designed to reduce stress and anxiety, increasing sensitivity and relaxation through deep and enveloping movements.

The masseuse will work delicately with her hands, every corner of the body from the feet to the head and end the therapy with a delicious massage in the erogenous zones.


(interactive massage)

30 minutes- 65€

45 minutes- 75€

60 minutes- 85€

Prostate massage is a type of sensitive massage that is applied exclusively to men and it is a great way to combine pleasure and health. It is based on the stimulation of the prostate through massage, which apart from being a sensitive and pleasant part to the touch is a fundamental component of the male genital tract. Erotic toys are used.


 (topless masseuse / interactive massage)

50 minutes – 95

It is done in futon. The masseurs go topless and after half an hour take off the thong, they perform a relaxing massage throughout your body, followed by a body to body massage and where the masseuse will caress with your hands.


 (naked masseuse / interactive massage)

30 minutes- 65

45 minutes- 75€

60 minutes- 85

It is a completely new massage because it allows the person receiving the massage to participate in the experience and to collaborate in a certain way with the masseuse. It is a very original experience, aimed at demanding customers. Develop your senses, enjoy your touch, participate in the experience and get maximum satisfaction. The masseur is naked from the beginning of the massage.


(Interactive massage option to two endings and second free masseuse for 15 minutes)


30 minutes – 75

45minutes -95€

60 minutes – 105

Discover the total contact of our skin in the most sensual body-to-body massage. Enjoy a session of games, sensuality and eroticism. New sensations that will make you reach extreme pleasure, being able to interact with your masseur without limits. The masseuses will attend you without clothes.


(Masseur dressed for the occasion / can not interact with the masseuse)

30 minutes – 75€

60 minutes – 125

Handcuffs, whip, mask … This massage can not be described with words, experience it. Let yourself be carried away by our tamers… Mmm


(Interactive massage option to two endings and second free masseuse for 15 minutes)

20 minutes – 85€

45 minutes – 105€

60 minutes – 135€

Stimuli, games, suggestive postures, unique sensations in every inch of your body. Lying on the futon or under the shower, dare with the Milenium … an unforgettable experience capable of making your fantasies come true. You have never tried anything like it. The massage lasts an hour plus the 15 minutes of erotic shower.


(interactive massage)

60 minutes – 155€

It is probably the most pleasant massage on the massage menu. An experience that every person should live at least once in their life. Made on tatami, the two masseurs without clothes, perform a massage synchronized by your body, using hands and body to provide an unforgettable experience.