Erotic professional massage center in Málaga

Masajes Lingam, Express, Prostático, Body to Body, four hands…


During the lingam massage, the masseuse, sitting without a bra in front of the client, runs with her hands the front part, from the torso to the legs, focusing most of the time on the central and genital area. In this massage, the masseuse is in topless and this massage is not interactive.

Lingam massage – Prices

30 minutes – 55

45 minutes – 65

60 minutes – 75

YONI MASSAGE (for women)

Specialized for the body of the woman, it can be done by a masseuse or a masseur at the choice of the client.

Specializing in the female body. It can be performed by either a female masseuse or a male masseuse of the client’s choice. (can’t interact with the masseuse)

Massage for woman – Prices

30 minutes – 65€

45 minutes – 75€

60 minutes – 85€


Anal prostate massage is a type of sensory massage that applies only to men. It’s about combining pleasure with health in a great way. This massage is based on the estimation of the prostate through the massage.

Anal prostate massage – Prices

30 minutes – 65€

45 minutes – 75€

60 minutes – 95€


The hand-to-hand four-hand massage is probably the most enjoyable massage of our card. Made on a tatami, the two nude masseuses will perform a synchronized massage with their bodies, using their hands and their bodies to offer you an unforgettable experience.

Stimulations, games, suggestive postures, unique sensations in every inch of your body. Dare to take on the 4-handed millenium.

Body to body massage –  60 min / 175 €

Four-handed massage milenium –  60 min / 225 €


The body-to-body massage is a completely new massage since it allows the person who receives it to participate in some way with the masseuse. The masseuse is naked and it is an interactive massage.

Body to Body massage – Prices

30 minutes – 65

45 minutes – 75€

60 minutes – 95


The premier massage is based on stimuli, games, unique sensations on every inch of your body. An unforgettable experience that can make your fantasy real. The masseuse is completely naked and the massage is interactive.

Premier massage – Prices

30 minutes – 75

45minutes -95€

60 minutes – 115


The sado-domination massage is based on suffering and pleasure … Our capricious deities will make you discover a new world. Sado-erotic massage, fetish feet and stiletto heels, humiliation, punishment, and much more … This massage is not interactive.

Sado-domination massage – Prices

60 min / 135 €


The milenium massage is a mix of the best moments of each of our massages. This massage will envelop you in a new world of sensations until you reach ecstasy. Let your eyes scan every inch of our moving bodies. The masseuse is completely naked and the massage is interactive.

Milenium massage – Prices

30 minutes – 85€

45 minutes – 115€

60 minutes – 145€


The most explosive massage of the house, where you can enjoy a fabulous fusion of wet tatami that facilitates slippery and wide sensations and dry tatami mats. A truly different experience with which we are sure to surprise you. Our wet tatami is specially designed to enjoy a real nuru massage.

Nuru Massage – Prices

30 min – 95 €

45 min – 125 €

60 min – 155 €


At milenium massage we offer you the opportunity to enjoy the most erotic massage of Malaga and full of our massage menu at your hotel in Malaga, Torremolinos, Benalmadena and surroundings.

The erotic masseuse will move to your hotel and you will be able to enjoy your erotic massage in the privacy of your hotel room.

Rates of the erotic massage at the hotel 60 min / 195 € (travel not included)


Has sex become monotonous in your relationship?

Couple massage – Prices

60 min – 185 € (with a masseuse)

60 min – 245 € (with two masseurs, option a girl and a boy)


Discount of 20€ on all our one-hour massage from 12:00h to 17:00h. (Valid from Monday to Friday.)